Access (updated on Sep. 3)

Kyoto Sangyo University is in the northern part of Kyoto city and can be accessed by

- bus no. 北3 (North 3) from Kitaoji bus terminal, which is underground, next to the Kitaoji subway station; Kyoto Sangyo University is the last stop on the bus line

- buses no. 40 and 46 from Kokusaikaikan subway station

- bus no. 36 from Demachiyanagi train station

- walking, approximately 10 - 15 minutes from Nikenjaya station on the Eizan Railway Line.


For further information (and map), please see the links below. We are happy to help, if you have any question. (English) (Japanese)


Conference Venue: 

  The workshop will be held at the conference hall on the 1st floor of the library hall.  Please see the following campus map.   



Bus Timetable:    (From Sep.5 to Sep. 7)

 1.  Kitaoji Bus Terminal  ー>  Kyoto Sangyo Univ.

      subway-Kitaoji -> KSU (City Bus)     subway-Kitaoji -> KSU (Kyoto Bus)

 2.  subway Kokusai Kaikan Sta.  ー>  Kyoto Sangyo Univ. 

      subway-KokusaiKaikan -> KSU (Kyoto Bus)





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